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Ergo NavComfort Keyboard Systems help reduce incidence rates and the severity of carpal tunnel (CTS) pain and RSI - repetitive stress injuries
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ERGO 3-Button Serial - PS/2 - USB Trackball
 The ERGO NAV is the most convenient adjustable mouse pad on the market today. Proper use of the ERGO NAV significantly reduces the amount of postural stress that people experience when using their mouse.


  • Mounts on the Chair Arm, Right hand and Left Hand.

  • Keeps your arm and hand in the natural position.

  • Fully Adjustable, 360 Degree rotation, Up & Down, Left or Right.

  • Easy to Install No screws, ships with two straps to hold the unit to the chair arm.

  • Made of High quality ABS plastic.

  • Life Time WARRANTY.

    Mounts on chair arm, not the desk or keyboard pull-out
    No More Reaching & Leaning Forward
    Resolves the Ergonomic issue of having to reach out and/or lean forward by allowing you to rest your arm close to your body to maintain an upright posture while mousing. Recline and Surf the Internet for hours on end in total comfort.
    Fully Adjustable
    Right Or Left Handed Users
    Platform Adjusts To Your Perfect Comfort Position
    Adjustable in 5º increments, tilted down, angled right or left, and shifted to the right or left to attain the exact position that produces the least stress and the most comfort for you. This allows you to mouse with your hand, wrist and forearm in the natural at rest angle.
    No Worries About It Wearing Out or Breaking Down
    The “ERGO NAV Adjustable Computer Mouse Platform” is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials, including adjustment points worn to the point they will no longer hold securely, under normal use for as long as the original purchaser owns their ERGO NAV.
    1/8" Mouse Trap
    Barrier Holds Mouse
    Mouse Will Not Slide Off of ERGO NAV
    Under normal circumstances, the 1/8" barrier keeps the mouse from sliding off the mouse platform while you are typing or don't have your hand on your mouse while dialing the phone etc. The barrier is low enough not to restrict movement and high enough to keep a mouse from sliding off at up to about a 40º tilt/angle. (This may vary depending on the design of your chair's arm.)
    CAUTION: Your mouse should always be placed on your desk when you are not seated at your work station, to avoid bumping your chair or ERGO NAV, causing your mouse to fall.
    Universal Velcro Strap
    Secure Mounting
    Easy Mounting & Dis-Mounting, Secure & Safe Fit
    No set screws to damage the surface or upholstery of your chair arm. Just STICK, STICK STICK and mounting is finished! Three industrial strength Velcro® straps quickly, securely and easily attach your ERGO NAV on the arm of your office chair. Want to use your ERGO NAV at more than one work station (I.E. Home or office), just ZIP, ZIP, ZIP and your ERGO NAV is dismounted and ready to go.
    ERGO NAV Packs Down
    to 10¼" X 5½" X 1¼"
    Easy To Pack & Portable
    The ERGO NAV packs down to a size that easily fits into a back pack, brief case or large hand bag with ease. Just remove the center lock nut, seperate the arm rest portion from the mouse platform, turn it over and snap it into the bottom of the mouse platform as Shown HERE Packed Down. Put the lock nut back on the arm rest and you are road ready.
    High Impact ABSi Plastic with adjustment points that hold
    Flexible but Tough
    This High Impact Plastic is flexible enough to bend, not break under considerable loads. We have dropped an ERGO NAV from a height of 30 feet onto concrete and it suffered no more than minor scratches. We then took the same ERGO NAV back in the office, mounted it back on a chair arm and it had even maintained it's adjustment settings. (However, we don't recommend you try this unless you happen to want scratches on your ERGO NAV :o)
    Knurled Finger Jackets
    On Metal Lock Nuts
    No Wrench's or Plier's Needed
    The actual metal lock nuts that secure the adjustment points on ERGO NAV are jacketed with Knurled (Ridged) surfaces enabling tightening of the lock nuts without the need for any tools. Finger tight holds the 5º variegated adjustment points securely in place


The secret behind the ERGO NAV is its adjustability to your particular wrist's "Natural At Rest Angle", (Approx. 20º to 30º off palm down and 10º down angle.), as well as, the way in which it places the mouse close to your body.

Your wrist, arm, shoulder and neck pain may be a thing of the past. The ERGO NAV helps you handle mouse intensive tasks in relaxed comfort. The EMG test results below show tremendous stress relief benefits of the ERGO NAV.

Your wrist, arm, shoulder and neck pain may be a thing of the past. The ERGO NAV helps you handle mouse intensive tasks in relaxed comfort. The EMG test results below show tremendous stress relief benefits of the ERGO NAV.

EMG TEST RESULTS (Electromyography)

Without The ERGONAV

Our EMG test results revealed significant muscular activity when the test subject used the computer mouse in it's normal location on the desk. The red bars indicate high stress and muscle spasms.


Our EMG test results revealed significantly less muscular activity when the test subject used the computer mouse with her ERGONAV. The neck and upper back strain and spasms seen in the photo above are absent with the use of the ERGONAV.
The ERGO NAV will prove to be a phenomenal asset to your home or office computer work station.

Quick, Simple, Easy, Secure and Portable

The ERGONAV® adjustable mouse platform is made of durable, High Impact ABS Plastic. Velcro Straps are used to mount the ERGONAV® to the arm of a desk chair. The UNIVERSAL MOUNT system will not damage the chair or arm. Since it is a simple matter of putting together or pulling apart 3 Velcro Straps, the ERGONAV® can easily be moved from your desk chair at home to your desk chair at the office.


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