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CK  - Comfort Keyboards - Reduce Wrist and Joint Pain for Sufferers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Injury, and Everyday Typing.  Regain Control - Health is Happiness.
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Salli Saddle Chairs are ergonomic, adjustable, come in many sizes and configurations, and are complemented with a wide range of ergo desks and workstations!
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Wrist pads and cushions, rests and supports
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Wrist pads and cushions, rests and supports
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Comfort Keyboard Systems - Ergonomic OSHA and HR compatable keyboards trackballs mice and arm or wrist rests and pads
Comfort Keyboards are superior to A4 Tech DataHand Kinesis Maltron SafeType TouchStream Pace Microsoft MS Kensington Belkin Natural Silitek Adesso Cirque PC Concepts or Goldtouch

3M™ Desktop Keyboard Drawer,
Comfort Keyboard Systems help reduce incidence rates and the severity of carpal tunnel (CTS) pain and RSI - repetitive stress injuriesComplete Keyboard Key Mapping
ERGO 3-Button Serial - PS/2 - USB Trackball TrackTsar

Desktop Keyboard Drawer with Storage & Slide-Out Mouse Tray.
Wide platform places mouse next to keyboard for added comfort.

Cushiony soft full-width gel wrist rest. Sleek platform design with tapered edges and full-sized Mousing area for more comfort.

Sturdy steel reinforced construction with lifetime warranty.

Wrist pads and cushions, rests and supports

  • Wide, Deep Drawer fits virtually all keyboards  .
  • 3Mô Gel Wrist Rest is Oil-Free, Silky smooth and generously sized to support and confirm to your wrist.
  • Oversized Mousing Platform.
  • Features 3Mô Precise Mousing Surface for smooth accurate tracking.
  • Hidden Drawer, slide out to hold paper clips, Post-itģ Notes and Flags, and small supplies
  • Mousing platform and hidden drawer are interchangeable for either right- or left-hand use
  • Steel ball bearings provide smooth sliding movement.
  • S-curve cable management system locks cables in place while the 3Mô Dual-Lockô system secures the keyboard to the drawer
  • The KD75BE desktop model holds up to 80lbs. including CPU and monitor and can accommodate monitors up to 21 inch.
  • The KD50BE under-desk model is easy to install and can be set at three different positions to ensure correct height

Keyboard with Mappable Key Map commands and programmability

Programmable Keyboard Macro Keys functions software program
Handicap Accessible Products

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