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Comfort Keyboards are superior to A4 Tech DataHand Kinesis Maltron SafeType TouchStream Pace Microsoft MS Kensington Belkin Natural Silitek Adesso Cirque PC Concepts or Goldtouch

3M Large Precise Optical Mousing Surface with Gel Pad.
Comfort Keyboard Systems help reduce incidence rates and the severity of carpal tunnel (CTS) pain and RSI - repetitive stress injuriesComplete Keyboard Key Mapping
ERGO 3-Button Serial - PS/2 - USB Trackball TrackTsar

Patented Precise™ optical surface With Gel-Filled Wrist Rest helps most mice work better. Virtually eliminates slippage at faster mouse speeds. Point, click and drag quickly, smoothly and accurately. Non-skid backing. Ultra-thin profile. Naturally latex-free.

The 3M T precise optical mousing Surface allows you to go exactly where you point with your optical Mouse. By choosing the fast Mouse speed option in your Computer control Panel, you can utilize, the unique 3M Micro-grooved Surface to accurately Mouse within a smaller space. This works because the Micro-grooved Surface has detail to assist optical navigational tracking. Every few seconds, while you are mousing, the sensors in the optical Mouse measure light Contrast. The optical Mouse sees the light contrasts as a microscopic relief pattern. The consistent pattern on the Surface, of the 3M T precise optical mousing Surface helps prevent the Mouse from slipping, resulting in more accurate mousing. An optical Mouse's sensor May not function properly on desk surfaces without visible detail or workstation surfaces where it sees a Reflection such as Glass, mirrored or glossy surfaces. Use a 3M T precise optical mousing Surface for improved ooptical mousing performance and accuracy. The Ultra-thin design integrates smoothly with your, work Surface allowing you to utilize more of your precious space without having to move the mousing Surface out of the way when it's not in use. It also features a non-skid base which keeps the product in place. . the detached gel Wrist Pad is made of a silky, smooth fabric and patented soft cushioning gel. Leak-Free oil-Free construction that protects skin, clothes and desk surfaces. And a non-slip non-mar base to keep it in place.


3M Precise Mousing Mouse pad with Gel Wrist Rest.

Main Specifications
Product Description 3M Precise Mousing mouse pad W/ Gel Pad
Product Type Mouse pad w/ Gel Wrist Rest
Dimensions (WxDxH) 9.5 in x 7.25 in x 0.1 in
Package Type Retail
Product Type Mouse pad W Gel Pad
Width 9.5 in
Depth 7.25 in
Height 1 in
Color Water Design
Package Type Retail


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